Pre and post natal yoga teacher training

I have done a lot of courses in my life, but I think I can honestly say that my 85hrs of pre and post natal yoga teacher training with Sally Parkes has been one of the most powerful, and at times humbling, experiences.

Having had 3 children myself, and worked for years in the fitness and massage industry, I thought I knew a thing or two about pregnancy, birth and getting back to fitness afterwards. Oh, how wrong I was! I’m currently not sure if this post is a review for the course itself, a reflection on what I have learnt, or some hybrid of the two, but either way let’s see what happens….

Having finished my initial 200hour yoga teacher training (which if you aren’t ‘in the know’ is the basic qualification needed to start teaching yoga) I knew there were some areas I wanted to explore further. Pregnancy yoga was up there as one of them for me, as it struck me that pregnancy is such a transformational time for most women - it’s a time of having a new appreciation for your body - wonder and awe at the ability to grow a tiny human, as well as frustration and angst about what some of changes will mean for your body. I searched around, and found an 85hr course run by Sally Parkes, and even better - it was a residential course and all my meals would be cooked for me for a week - having a large family to look after I saw that as a win!

Eclectic packing for a week of pre and post natal yoga teacher training!

Eclectic packing for a week of pre and post natal yoga teacher training!

Having completed my pre-course work (attending and writing up findings from 3 different pregnancy classes), as well as writing a short essay; I packed up my bag and skipped my way down to Sussex. The venue itself was perfect - tranquil and spacious - but there was no hanging around. That evening we started straight off with a practice led by Sally, then supper, followed by a session on contraindications for yoga in pregnancy. The pace didn’t stop there. Practice started at 7.30am each day, followed by breakfast, and a then a range of sessions led by Sally, and her wonderful assistant Heather, until we dropped into bed at about 8.30/9pm each evening. Sessions included (but not limited to) postnatal, mums and babies, anatomy and physiology, birth preparation workshops, and a session learning about the Closing the bones ceremony (a sacred practice from Ecuador to honour and nurture the postpartum mother).

Closing the bones

Closing the bones

A traditional ceremony from Ecuador

We also had sessions with a midwife, learning all about the stages of pregnancy and labour, as well as one with one of Sally’s former pupils who taught us some partner yoga, an intro to hypno-birthing and a session on Yoga Nidra (more on this in a future blog!)


Mother and baby class


Birth preparation workshop

So. Where does that leave me? (other than a few pounds heavier after being fed AMAZING vegetarian food all week) It leaves me full of knowledge and enthusiasm. Excited to offer a revamped Mums and Babies class, and a new pregnancy class in September. But mainly with a heart full of appreciation and love for not only Sally and Heather, who were so generous with their knowledge, but also for the other ladies on the course. I think the below picture sums up my week…

Is yoga that funny??

Mums and babies classes will run in term time on Wednesday mornings at 10am, followed after by a cup of tea or coffee and an opportunity to meet other locals mums.

My pregnancy yoga class is for ladies from 12 - 42 weeks, and run in blocks of 6 classes to ensure you get the maximum benefit.

For full details of both classes click << here >> or to book use the button below.

Sally Parkes Pregnancy Teacher Training
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