Fresh start in September?


(and some opportunities for support with making your goals come to life)


I’m not sure why, but for as long as I can remember I’ve always seen September in the same light as January 1st.  An opportunity for a fresh start, a new beginning, a refocus of previous waning efforts.   

I’m sure it’s due to it being the start of the new school year (in the UK at least) – a subconscious link to the excitement of new shiny school shoes and pencil cases.  As a parent it’s probably linked to the excitement of the kids returning to school after the endless cries of ‘I’m bored’ through the summer holidays…  Either way, I’ve generally found September a better time for a refocus than January – possibly because it’s still warm and the light evenings are lingering on – giving the energy required to make changes.


And let’s be honest, change does require energy.  We fall into patterns and routines easily – whether with exercise, healthy eating, or sticking with that job or relationship that doesn’t fulfil or excite you anymore.

Please don’t get me wrong – I’m NOT condoning starting a ‘diet’ / swearing to yourself that you’re going to get up at 5.30am every morning to do a crazy workout / suggesting you should jack your job, or ditch your boyfriend or husband just because it’s September…  I’ve been there and done that with the diet and the exercise routine and can tell you it doesn’t work. 

We all have a number of behaviours, emotions and beliefs that, quite often without you realising, hold you back from making positive changes.

I can almost guarantee that if the changes you want to make are body / diet / exercise related the chances are that you’ll stick with the 5.30 alarm calls and celery lunches until Wednesday, possibly Thursday if you have rock hard resilience and dogged determination, and then you’ll ‘crack’ – clicking the snooze button because you’re exhausted / stuffing carbs down your neck like a world shortage has been announced / polishing off a whole bottle of wine etc (I’m sure you get the idea!) 

Then cue ‘the guilt’.  (Or if you’ve quit your job, and your boss has taken you seriously, cue ‘the fear’.)

The guilt quite often turns into ‘sod it I’ve started so I may as well give up in monumental style’ type thinking.  Followed by the shame / hatred / mean talking to yourself, and then quite often putting back on the few pounds you’ve managed to lose, plus a couple more for good measure. 

Have I put you off making a change this September??? I hope not!  Seriously!  September is a great time for change (actually, anytime of the year is, but if September has that ‘new year feeling’ for you as well it’s the PERFECT time to make a change).  But.  How about doing it differently this time?  How about spending some time working out what it is you’re really looking to achieve?  Is losing those few pounds, fitting into that dress or getting a new job really going to get you the happiness or contentment you desire?  And how many times have you previously started full of good intentions to change things only to return to the same routine or habits of old?

How about spending some time working out what it is you’re really looking to achieve?

Unfortunately, we all have a number of behaviours, emotions and beliefs that, quite often without you realising, hold you back from making positive changes.  Identifying these, alongside understanding clearly what your real motivation for change is, can be a very powerful thing.  Is this something you have ever considered? or have you just picked up the next diet book / subscribed to the next exercise programme or stayed in the relationship that you’re not really happy in because it’s the easiest thing to do?


This little blog may be enough to start you thinking a bit differently about the changes you are embarking on.  I hope so!  But if you want some help with changing some of your behaviours, emotions or beliefs that may be hindering you then we have some exciting opportunities coming up at The Garden Studio that could help…

Aerial yoga and goal setting workshop

On Saturday 12th October I will be holding an aerial yoga and goal setting workshop.  It will be approximately 4 hours, and will include an aerial yoga class – helping you connect your mind and your body, and enabling you to get to a place physically and mentally to be open to work through some NLP techniques to set some powerful positive goals for your future (you can read more about NLP in a previous blog I have written >>What is neurolinguistic programming, and how can it help me?<<). These can be long or short term goals and can be connected to any part of your life - not just nutrition or fitness related.  It will also include some delicious vegan snacks, so you’ll leave nourished in almost every way possible!  The cost of the session will be £40pp.  If you would like more information you can get in touch with me here, or alternatively if you’re ready to book you can do so here.

One to one coaching - case study opportunity

Or alternatively, if you already have an idea of your goal, and would like to embark on some one to one coaching in September my second opportunity could be of interest to you instead.

As part of my degree I am also completing a Nutritional Therapy diploma.  To support my studies I am looking for 2 case studies to receive some significantly discounted NLP coaching (you can read more about NLP in a previous blog I have written >>What is neurolinguistic programming, and how can it help me?<<).  These sessions can help you achieve any goal you may have (again, it doesn’t need to be fitness or diet related). 

What you’ll get:

  •  3 x 30 – 90 min long 1 to 1 coaching sessions designed to:

  • help to define a positive, forward looking goal(s)

  • tools and techniques designed to help change behaviours, emotions and beliefs that are stopping you achieving your full potential

  • a follow up report from each session to help you remember what was discussed and enable you to reinforce the positive changes at home

There are a few requirements though – I can give you more details if you get in touch, but here is an overview of the key ones:

  • This is only available for non-family members / close friends

  • You must be over 18

  • You need to be available for 3 separate sessions that will be 30 – 90 mins in duration with either a week or 2 between each one

  • You need to be happy to have our sessions recorded and shared with a tutor from my degree programme

  • Normally I charge £250 for 6 individual sessions, but will be offering these 3 sessions for only £50.

Get in touch with me via the contact page if you want to find out more.

Caroline x