What is Neurolinguistic Programming? (and how can it help me?)

We recognise that everyone is an individual, and they bring their own uniqueness to everything they do.
The mind and body are interconnected in their response.

Why am I writing a blog about Neuro Linguistic Programming of all the topics I could choose?!  Well, it’s really very simple.  It’s because of the slightly confused faces that normally greet me when I tell people that I ‘do’ Neuro Linguistic Programming.  It seems that if you have heard of it previously you are perhaps in the minority, and those that have heard of it generally don’t actually know what it is, or more importantly how it can help them.   


One of my reference books describes it as ‘the art and science of excellence’(O’Connor, 2002).  A description I kind of love and hate in equal measures.  I get what it’s saying, because I get NLP, but for most people that don’t know about NLP I expect that description makes it sound like one of those wishy washy ‘life coach’ type statements... so let me break that statement down.  It’s described in part as an art, as in NLP we recognise that everyone is an individual, and they bring their own uniqueness to everything they do – something that can’t be described with words.  The Science part is there as there is a technique and method to the patterns that people that excel in any field follow to achieve their success, or obtain outstanding results (whether they are aware of it or not). 


NLP helps you understand the patterns of your own successes and give you the skills & techniques to model them whenever your choose in the future.


Take a moment to think – have you ever done something so brilliantly that you have even surprised yourself?  Maybe you wondered how you did that thing so well?  NLP helps you to understand the patterns of your own successes and then gives you skills and techniques to model them whenever you choose in the future.  Used effectively, it is a way of bringing out the best version of you possible, in any walk of life, and the bonus is that helps the people around you to do the same as well.  Put simply, NLP is the study of what works. 


In reference to the famous shampoo advert from my youth ‘here comes the science part’... 

(or if you get it already, and just want get to the ‘how can it help me bit’ then feel free to skip on to the next section!)  


Neuro refers to the brain and our physiology, linking to the neurological processes of sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch and feeling.  We experience life through our five senses, and our behaviour stems from how we process and respond to these neurological responses.  The information is taken in, and then we act on it.  Our neurology refers not only to the unseen (and sometimes unacknowledged) thought processes, but also to our visible reactions to situations.  The mind and the body are interconnected in their response. 

Linguistic is the verbal and non-verbal language that we use to communicate with others, and also with ourselves on a daily basis.  One thing that NLP has done for me to show me that what I say is what I think, and that directly reflects what I’m then able to do. 

Programming refers to how we combine the thinking patterns, behaviour and language together to get the results – whether positive or negatively.  Whether we realise it, or not, we all use strategies to run our lives.  Understanding what those strategies are is where choice comes into play – we can choose to repeat patterns that are giving us positive outcomes, or adapt those that aren’t.  The great news is that we can adapt and enhance our existing positive strategies and we can learn new ones, and it is possible to remove those that no longer serve us. 


How can it help me? 


NLP can help anyone achieve success in any area of their lives.


NLP can help anyone achieve success in any area of their lives – business / health / relationships etc... but the key is that they want to succeed and are prepared to make some changes to achieve it.  Simple, right?  Well.  Yes and no!  As we are all individual there are some techniques we can use that will have a profound immediately positive effect on you, some that don’t feel like they’ve had any effect at first , but a few weeks later you realise change is creeping into your life, and some that just fall flat on the floor.  The ones that work for you will probably be entirely different to the ones that work for me or from your auntie Joan.  The key is that you need to be open to change, and recognise the old adage ‘if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.  If what you are doing is not working, do something else.’  

I specialise in helping people make the healthy lifestyle changes that they want or need to make, by combining NLP with my expertise as a personal trainer and yoga teacher.  The ‘exercise’ part can be entirely tailored to you, but I intertwine my NLP tools and techniques throughout our sessions together to maximise your chances of success – this is about creating new strategies for the future so you don’t fall back into your old ways or habits.    

For the best chance of success, I offer my neurolinguistic programming sessions in packages of six – you can find more details by clicking on the ‘Professional Wellness Coaching’ button below, or to buy a course and book your sessions by selecting the ‘Book here’ button.